We were already heavily involved in our local economic fabric, but we want to become a pacesetter in terms of employment, safety and workplace wellbeing. Our employer programme, Shake your TALENTS, will track and enhance this wellbeing among our employees, and further strengthen our “Maison” identity.

Our commitments

  • Workplace gender equality index: 85 by 2025
  • Number of reportable workplace accidents: 0 by 2025
  • Absenteeism rate: 3% by 2025
  • Number of employer-brand actions for inclusion and professional integration: 15 by 2025
  • Number of days devoted to employees: 5 by 2025

Workplace wellbeing

ROUTIN is a human-scale company that has been awarded the top CSR award for the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Its 210 employees form a tight-knit community. Experience a convivial and respectful workplace atmosphere, as well as a considerate, cohesive style of teamwork. See the impact of your involvement every day, in a superb Alpine setting conducive to your professional fulfilment. Benefit from a dedicated programme that monitors diversity and inclusion, and carefully oversees the integration and support of new arrivals.

Local jobs

Besides our commitment to our employees, we pledge to facilitate access to jobs and showcase our savoir-faire:

  • Rallye Emploi: a jobs fair to help people back into work, held by the Lions Club on our premises.
  • DUODAY: a key scheme for the induction of employees with a disability, who are assigned a mentor to foster their integration.
  • We take part in the “100 chances 100 jobs” scheme: this network of professionals helps young people registered at the Chambéry employment office to find a job, get advice, and even design a career plan.
  • We take part in the “Careers Bus” operation: a bus-based team visits and interacts with local companies in partnership with the county-level Industrial Employers Group for Integration and Qualification.